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INSPIRE 360™ is introducing the ultimate in supplemental STEM curriculum resources, with over 3,000+ resources that include a complete HD Digital resource library!  This solution provides K-12 schools with premium content in the areas of Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Technology and Engineering!

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U.S. schools spend over $11B annually in instructional materials, more than 50% reported being in digital formats. Between content, LMS tools, software and subscription platforms, the typical school system spends $75 to as much as $150 annually per student on dozens to hundreds of subscription-based tools across their district. But how much of that is wasted? PaperBasket can help!

INSPIRE U's on-demand course delivery format and content creation services, coupled with its rich data analytics, build competencies in 21st Century teaching. Practical, collaborative, and inspired by a teacher’s natural motivation to grow and serve, INSPIRE U sets a new standard in educator professional development.

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